PK today

Yeah um, I did about 40 mins of training after school today before it got dark, would have liked more time but never mind.

Today spent most of the time on split foot take offs on my bad leg, doing cat passes and speed vaults mostly. I also finally transferred my rolls to concrete, I did them virtually painlessly, but it was off one knee so I need to work on them towards standing and get them nice and smooth, my goal is to have them by NatJam which I think is attainable, maybe not have them perfect…But usable.
I also did a small amount of small arm jumps so I could work on my climb up, which is getting better. And I worked on landing my rail precisions, they’re looking good. Man I love rail precisions…they just feel so awesome…

Had a fairly healthy day, although I did have a little bit of junk afterwards.

In terms of injuries I’m fine, my ankle is still weak from twisting it but I’m working on it, my hands are sore but that’s regular! xD


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