5 and a half hour jammage

Woo yeah, went training, a good old classic jam in Belco, there were four of us who turned up between 10.30 and 11. I trained my arm jumps quite a bit as well as taking a look and sizing up a few new moves for next time. I did a lot of just flowing through the environment and not as much static training. It was good. I trained my rail precisions heaps as well, they’re getting much better, I’m landing on the ball of my feet which is great and I’m very stable, no wobbles at all xD. I think I’m in love with them!

At about 12.30 we went in to the mall and got a drink and a snack, went back out at about 1pm and at that time the APA class was about to start. We joined in and  got to drill lots of cat balance and I drilled my vaults off both feet. Then we got on to the great conditioning. it was great fun! man I love that stuff, so many things you can do with stairs…It was all pretty tiring but the push up wheelbarrows up the stairs were definitely the killers! Only a few of us made it the whole way. WINNAH!

 So yeah was awesome, my triceps hurt like hell xD


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