New guys

Took out tow new guys, they both seem really enthusiastic which is good to see. They got the basic vaults pretty quickly, I basically just showed them some basic stuff for them to work on when they’re training. Told them about safety and conditioning etc.
Yeah, they’re good guys.
I didn’t do much training with them as it was more show them a move and watch them do it, helping out. But a little was done. We did do three runs through the area using the things I had just taught them. that was good.
There were a few minor stacks and falls, but that is to be expected! I myself got a nice deep cut on my finger doing a tic tac to grabbing a roof, sliced my finger across a piece of metal. S’all good though.

Got home and did 100 squats. I’ve promised myself to do 100 squats every day until natjam. So that’s 1700 squats between now and then. Can’t wait =D


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