Woden training.

Trained today with some other guys in Woden for a pretty solid 4.5 hours, I did a lot more simple stuff and strength stuff. A lot of Quadrupedal walking, including up stairs backwards and down forwards. That was a good work out. I also did some concrete rolls, they’re getting alright, well at least I have passed that mental barrier of doing them, they still aren’t painless but at least I am comfortable in knowing that if I need to roll on concrete I can. Now I just need to drill till they’re perfect/painless. I got a nice semi-rail precision that always made me WOW when I saw it done, as well as a nice wall run with an obscure take off which haunted me from last time. But yeah, I tried to stick to smaller stuff today drilling smaller basic moves, I still did some of the bigger stuff, but it was all nice and safely executed. I decided that I should slow down with my progression in light of Blanes excellent dilution article, because I have been one of those people who has progressed fast.

That was the last ‘jam’ before NATJAM OH YEAH! But I’ll be sure to drill some stuff including my concrete rolls.


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