New person

Took a new person out today, it was a good opportunity actually, she was much older than other people, probably mid-thirties. So it was a good teaching experience.
We went through a warm up, then I taught her rolls, she had troubles and I noticed and eliminated the problem which I am proud of. She was looking out to the side as she tucked, so her body was following. then we went through the basic vaults, that was great, we did cat jumps, side vaults and lazy vaults, she caught on quite quickly, just needs to get her catpasses down properly. We then moved on to balance work quickly, then went on to wall runs. We also talked a bit and I clarified/explained some things. Another guy, one of the new guys I took out last week also turned up half way through so we did a small amount of training afterwards as well. Overall it was good because I got more of a chance to drill basic moves, I got my concrete rolls better. Except my shoulder is still a little sore from a bad one…Oh well!
Summed up to be about 1.5 hours. Was good!


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