NATJAM FUCK YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! + More


 For anyone reading that doesn’t know, NatJam, or National Conserve is an annual meet of Traceurs from all around Australia to train for a weekend. The first one was in Sydney, this second one was in Melbourne. And…IT WAS FUCKIN’ AWESOME!

Ahem. Yeah, Me, Josh, Conan and hef all drove down on the Friday, arrived about 3.30 but unfortunately the boot of the car got jammed and we couldn’t get it open, lulz. We couldn’t get any of our stuff. So we spent Friday and most of Saturday without anything but ourselves. I didn’t mind! Twasn’t bad. We all met that evening at southbank food court and had some f00d.
The next day we all met at 9am at the ‘waves’ near the Melbourne arts center and split in to groups and begun training.

My group went to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl first, did heaps of wall runs and pop vaults. I met PKAndrew from QLD who was cool and we started doing some SDC>Precisions which were fun and challenging for both of us to get.
We then went to Southbank and sort of…Lost each other…But lots of groups were there so we all joined up with each other and trained together.

But yeah, I wont say much more, too much happened to list here!! But lots of great training on the Saturday. We had the APA AGM that night.

On the Sunday we all met up to do an APA class. We drilled heaps of stuff from rolls and landings to turn vaults. I learnt that my turn vault technique had been wrong all this time! So I’ll need to work on that and get it going.
We then went to do the painful conditioning class, oh boy was that fun/challenging/painful. we did Quadrupedal walking and fireman carrying and wheelbarrow walking all up some huge annoying hill! xD It was very painful. The next two days breathing hurt because my abs were so darn tight!
And yeah, that night I sailed out of Port Melbourne to go see my grandparents in Tasmania.

In Tassie I did some AWESOME rock training at Cataract Gorge, it was so darn great. Lots of running over huge boulders and jumping, precisions, tic-tacs etc etc. It was really hot though, but plenty of river water to cool me down =D

Now back home, did some training yesterday. Went to the Gym for an hour did 15 minutes on treadmill (10 mins running), 2000 meters on the rowing machine done in just under 10 mins. Did some skipping, pistols, dips and chins.
Then went home and met up with some people for some PK training. Did runs, turn vaults, rolls, and other random stuff.

And that brings you all up to speed with my training!


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