NatLibrary Jam

Went training on the Parliment side of the lake today. It was like 31 degrees so it was pretty hot. I’d only had like 4 or 5 hours of sleep.  Started off at NatLibrary, did some training/warm ups there, went on to the block run and got the SDC>Precision.  Did some tree work, lots of lache’s. Checked out a new place at the Edmund Barton Building. It wasn’t too bad. Quite a range of things there. But we got booted in the end.
After the group got split up accidentally, I went to Toast with some others, did hardley anything because I was fucked. Had some Lunch and went home.

Home I did some quadrapedal walking up and down the stairs, and some other upper body stuff with stairs. I’ll do some core stuff tonight and some ankle stuff too.


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