Training weekend

Had a big weekend of training.

Friday: Me and Evan went to train in civic, was raining so our spirits were dampened (lol), we did some out in the rain then went to DEWR which is under cover. We were training SDC > SDB, I’d never done one before. I couldn’t get it but ah well I figured I’d try next time. We then met up with hef and josh and did some conditioning which was great, lots of stair work.

Saturday: Me and Evan woke up and did some training in Hall, I got some nice little things down, it was great fun. It was also nice to see that my training had paid off. Evan and I started at the same time, I do quite a lot of solo training and conditioning and Evan does not, it was rewarding to see first hand that my extra training has made me a lot better than if I was to just train at ‘jams’ like Evan.
After that me and Riley went to Coppins Crossing for some natural training, we did lots of swimming, did some conditioning, running, fighting and exploring =D

Sunday: Very sore from training! Very fatigued. Went to the Jam in civic. I was pretty tired so it was slow going. We returned to DEWR spent a long time trying that SDC > SDB, finally got it pretty consistently, it was a very slippery wall and quite close so hopefully most others should be easier than that one. I just need to work on my climb ups.

Next step is belconnen library bridge SDC>SDB, I think I’ve got that one pretty easy, it’s bigger than the DEWR one, but bigger in a good way, there is enough room to get my hands and feet up. But it is a slippery wall. Oh well. We’ll see how that goes.

Today we did the beep test in PE, I got second best over two classes, made it to level 10.9, the best was 11.
Then funnily enough I convinced the teacher to allow me to do Parkour. So I did.
The End.


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