School conditioning

Last PE class we did some fitness work. We paired off and circulated between: quadrapedal, figure 8’s, sprints, planks, dips, calf/shin raises, skipping, BOXERCISE, shuttle runs, situps/crunches, pushups, cone jumping (continuous jumping back and forth over a cone), agility ladder run. – Each one for 60 seconds.

Me and my friend made it a little harder. Instead of just sprints we did fireman carries. With the pushups we did 20 normal, 10 diamond, 10 wide grip. In the quadrapedal we also did wheelbarrow walking and wheelbarow clapping pushups (moving forward).

When other people were resting we also did more fireman carries, and more wheelbarrow stuff ^_^
Very good conditioning session.

Today went to my local spot, worked mainly on SDC>SDB’s, great fun. As such I’m now very tired and sore.
I’ll be setting some goals soon as well.


5 responses to “School conditioning

  1. Love it how you say SDC and SDB’s 😀

    glad we have an effect on you 😛

  2. anthrobabe

    great fun? Oh wow I need your energy…

  3. traceurcamel

    Haha BoD, I love it that people actually READ this thing! My writting isn’t for nothing…

    Great fun anthro! You just need to get motivated to try!

  4. anthrobabe

    I’m inspired—- being more active physically is always good. come see us around the toadfish some as you have time.

  5. traceurcamel

    I’ll be sure too soon!

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