Progression Vid.

filmed and released my first progression sampler the other day, mainly to just test out the camera.  Pretty sloppy technique, but hey, I’ve had some pretty positive reviews about it.

Find it here:

Had friday night conditioning today, pretty good, it pissed down towards the end though but got some solid training in before hand.


4 responses to “Progression Vid.

  1. This is going to be really rude

    Terrible percisions…, try practicing really small ones and land on the balls and stay on them, dont fall down

    at 00:38 you dont jump up enough

    everyone else has commented about the cat to arm

    Better turn vaults then me but hell, ill comment any way. Try to keep your body weight over the obsticle and you will feel more control over it, it looks as if your throwing your body uncontrollably at the moment.

    The climb up at 2:30 after the cat to arm, try putting one foot slightly higher than the other to give yourself more of a kick up and explosive force into it.

    Dont do one legged squats till you have the strength, your leg is shaking and could be dealing damage to your knees (this is just what was told to me so i cant actually confirm this)

    You had that muscle up, it was yours!

    Enough being rude.

    That was an average video (apart from the percisions), it showed progression and your dedication.

    I hope you take this comment as constructive criticism

    Keep training

  2. traceurcamel

    Not rude at all my friend! just constructive crits. I’ll try to address them all.

    I have no idea where you are coming from with the precisions…I landed on the balls of my feet every time, they were all controlled, and I didn’t fall once, all stuck…Could you be a little more specific?

    O:38: There is no need to jump up any more, I don’t want to land arms locked, that’d be terrible for my joints…The jump I did had plenty of power for the job it needed to do.

    Turn vaults: Yeah, I agree with you there, I’m not sure I share the point that it looks uncontrolled, but you could be right there. The ones on my bad side were still pretty bad, I need to work on keeping my center over the bar with those ones,hence why I’m training them 😀

    One foot higher? Ok I’ll give that a go, I’ve heard it a few times in recent days…

    Pistols: The shaking has nothing to do with the strength in this case, it’s all a balance problem. Pistols are no problem strength wise, it’s the balance in them. and the only way to improve that is by doing More pistols! The shaking ankle would also help build ankle strength as well I suppose because the stabiliser muscles would be hard at work…

    Haha yeah! I’m so close to muscle ups! So very close! I’d say another month and they’re mine for sure. 😀

    The main aim of this video was to test the camera, but that being said, my proper video will be much of the same, just less sloppy and fatigued…I don’t want to release a video of me doing all my best ‘moves’. That just sends the wrong message to young kids and new traceurs. So what I’m doing is showing the training, conditioning, and progression up to the final technique. The technique its self is a tiny part of it for me. So my videos aren’t going to be very visually stimulating. They are nothing more than a progression video to show people, and more so, myself where I am in my training and what needs work but also HOW I train.

    Thanks for the crits man! Very much appreciated! I hope I addressed them well enough.

  3. For the percisions watch very carefully, you will notice you kind of land on your arch a little and roll forward on to the balls of your feet.

    at 00:38 if you jump up more and come down into the arm jump there wont be as much pressure on your knees/legs/ankles making it ever slightly better technique. It doesn’t overly matter in this case but if you do bigger things with the same technique u will feel the pain.

    For the pistons (not pistols :P) is it your knee shaking or your ankle? If its your knee thats bad, ankle i dunno.

    I agree with the idea of showing progression, but with progression videos there is always a way to improve 😛 Im just trying to helpzors

    Also im coming to canberra soon 😀 (hopefully)

  4. traceurcamel

    Precisions: Ahh well spotted, I’ll work on that.
    00:38:Ahk fair point, makes sense.
    Pistons? I’m pretty sure they’re pistols…But anyway, yeah it’s just my ankle, just a balance issue.

    Yeah, these videos show me where I need to improve, and people like yourself can help me out and give me pointers, it’s sort of a virtual way to train with people…

    And really? That’d be so awesome! traintraintraintraining partyyy!!!!

    Thanks for your help my friend. Always good to get pointers.

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