Saturday training with Rhys

Yeah, yesterday Rhys came down from Sydney to play at Toast, Wax and some others came with him as well.
So smooth, such good control, it was great to watch. I learnt a lot just from watching, a different way of training.

So I turned up at 2pm to meet Rhys, he was running late though so i got in 1.5 hours worth of training. But it was very start-stop because I was keeping an eye out for Rhys. Had about 2 hours with Rhys and Wax, I was half training/half watching, but Wax gave me some excellent advice about flow, direction change and some other stuff.

The boys had to go back to the Hotel so I met up with Conan at 5 and we trained for another hour and a half, this was much more solid, got some great work done, very happy with it.
All up about 5 hours training.

Tonight I did some conditioning, Pack of Death to be specific.
115 push ups, mixed between wide, close and normal grip
115 sit ups
115 squats
1150 calf raises and;
850 shin raises

…I’m pooped =D


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