Local Training

Did some training up at the school today, didn’t do much because I’ve lost so much strength with the lack of training. I ran down, I got there and instead of being exhausted like I usually am, I was fine so I ran around the block again. Did some quadrupedal up the ramp forwards, then down forwards, then up backwards and down forwards again. I was going to do another but some people showed up and I couldn’t. I started just drilling my precision technique, doing about 30 on a small but large enough to push gap. I bend past 90 degrees on most of my landings 😦 BADBADBAD. It actually hurt my knee badly on one landing. They were terrible. I was landing past 90 degrees, landing flat footed and on my heel, and I slipped back once, luckily I caught myself, but yeah. I was very disappointed in myself.
I guess that’s what happens when you don’t train for a few weeks/months.
Then I just ran home, or at least tried to run home, but my legs were like jelly so I walked.

Hopefully I’ll get in to some good conditioning soon. Build up that strength that I lost again.

And after this 450km bike ride I’m doing in November I’ll be very fit. Lots of training for that to come.


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