Chippa waz ere (Oh and Alex…)

Hey guys! It’s been so long since I’ve updated this thing. But here I am anyway.

 Anyway, last weekend Chippa and Alex where up which was good, we talked a bit about the progression of classes and working together between states, I want to get involved more and I’ve got some ideas that I’ll talk about later.

 Anyway the weekend training was intense, on Sunday I trained from 12 – 4, then 5 – 7, pretty light, but continuous, concentrated on my wall flips, which are getting quite fluid and nice.
On Monday (a public holiday) we all met up, chippa, alex and about 13 Canberran traceurs which is excellent for a turn out, I think the scene is picking up again.
Anyway we met up at noisewall and warmed up a little bit, trained, I just did some stuff flowing between obstacles.
Then moved on to toast, didn’t do much for a while, Me, Chip, Alex, and Brett talked for quite a while about what I mentioned before, I made a mouse-house which could stand up to wind, hail, earthquakes, but unfortunately not landslides.

Chippa then helped me hugely with my roles, a few of us just went off to the side to a tiled area and he critiqued my roles and showed me them properly, I’m very happy with how much ground he helped me cover, I have a large lump on my back now so I’ve got to wait till that goes down before rolling on concrete again 😛
I’d always had trouble with my roles so that was really valuable.

We then went down to CIT and did a bit of training, I did some rail precisions at 8.5 feet which is quite good considering my normal precision max is 9.5, and I got 1 foot below that on rails!
I had one fun stack on that but exited fashionably 😛

We moved down and I did LOADS of tree/wall flips, it was great, I love them, they really help with confidence and spatial awareness in training for parkour, even though directly they aren’t parkour. Did a few largish laches also.

Then moved on to the castle, did quite a bit, more wall flips, some big tacs which were fun, got a goal for one of those tic-tacs that I couldn’t make. Some arm to arms also.
All up, we were training for about 5 hours, probably 4 of solid training which is a decent effort considering I’d had about 6 hours sleep over the whole weekend and hadn’t trained in ages.

I plan on getting back into training soon a little more hardcore like I used to be, do some more strength and conditioning, especially squats and muscle ups (which I recently got, I’m happy about that).

I’ve also been doing some more gym stuff, mainly swimming, but when I go I also do some weights, chins, dips, and squats. I’m going to be going monday, wednesday, friday now anyway which is great.

 Anyway that’s enough about training recently.

 Current goals:

 Muscle ups: Both arms at same time
Swim 200m without rest


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