Jammed today in Belconnen, good turn out, although only a few of us trained consistently…But ahh well.

 Got to test out my new 5.10 freerunners, they’ve got crazy good grip, nice cushioning, fantastic to train in, it’s great.
I didn’t really focus on anything in particular today, it’d been so long since I’d trained Parkour with others, esp. In belconnen. I think I might start doing some more solo stuff once I get all my school stuff out of the way and get some free time.

I’ve been stretching lots recently which is great, my flexibility is improving hugely, All you traceurs out there who don’t stretch at all……………..Have fun being cripples.

 You think drops are the only things that destroy your knees? Hmmm…

Anyway, it’s late, I’m tired.


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