Today I was STRONG!

Well, got home from work, decided to do some strength work, tried finding some body weight exercise for the traps to no avail, then I realised  have a dumb bell in my new room 😀

Did 3 sets of 10 of upright rows. – I think I might have done these slightly wrong because I’ve got slight discomfort, approaching pain, in my right wrist. Will have to concentrate more next time.
Started doing shoulder shrugs but I must of been doing them wrong because they did nothing.

Then did 4 sets of 6 POWER CLEANS FUCK YEAHHHHH. with 34kg’s because I had no more weights xD
But that seemed to be the right weight anyway as I was maxing out at number 10.

then finished off with 3 sets of 10 raised pushups.

My grip hurts, my delts hurt, my traps hurt, I’m happy!






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