Recent Training + injury

Well, a week ago I was riding to work and my Bike decided to eject me, it through me face first into the ground at approx. 40km’s an hour leaving me with a concussion, two holes in my tongue, seriously jarred wrist, and some nice cuts and bruises, lying there, spitting blood, looking forward to my first visit to hospital (Yipee [/sarcasm]).

Anyway, it means my training had to alter a little bit.

Went to the class on Sunday, but Josh and Hef were a little late and they had the forms so we decided to cancel class and run an informal training session. Which was bad news for me because I only went to teach because I couldn’t really train! Well I did anyway, I worked a little bit on my rolls which are horrible as expected, did landings, a lot of balance work, and all of it was barefoot training. Was a good 2 hours worth.

Last night I conditioned a bit:

– Warm up – ran up and down my stairs a few times then dynamic stretched
– 6 sets of 5 pistols each leg.
– 50 one footed calf raises each leg
– 100 shin raises (both feet together)
– 3 sets of 12 windscreen wiper type things
– Stretched for a while

Then this morning I went to the Gym/pool to do some laps, I did 20 laps which equaled one kilometer. I’m getting better, got my PB, just over 1 minute.  My fitness is increasing, I can swim more and more, hopefully my lung capacity will increase, because it isn’t the best at the moment. All with time I suppose.

Anyway, yeah that was really good. I’m sore, tired, and I love that feeling!


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