Finally back in to training

Well I’ve been out for 4 weeks due to injury and sickness.

In the down time I’ve picked up some new ideas on training, and how to approach it, I’ve talked to a few people and read some things that have helped me have a better and more consistent view on how I train.

Today I went out for my first REAL training, I trained yesterday a little bit but mostly did filming, and I’d trained after some classes but again I didn’t really train that much.


Anyway, went in to Belconnen, had a good hour session, started off out of my groove but quickly got back in to it.
Got reallllly close to an awesome cat to arm which I should be able to do soon, I also worked on vaults just flowing from one to another. It was a good training, did some tree climbing, I’d worked up a sweat by the end of it, so I’m happy!
I also rode there and back, up hill on the way back for most of the way so it was a good way to end, then had a good stretch at home.

 Anyway, hopefully I’ll be training more regularly from now on, I’ll try for some sort of physical training once a day, be it Parkour, stretching, weights, swimming, what ever. I’ll try to do at least an hour a day as well.


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