Civic training

Well today went in to civic for some training with a few guys at 2pm.

– Met up at ANU, trained there for about two hours in various spots, nothing really specific. A quite few wall runs though.
– Two of us left, two of us remained, we scouted for a while, and found a cool little spot, I played around for ages on just three low bike rack bars, doing precisions, going under, through, over, around. It was good fun, difficult trying to keep my movement going in such small spaces as well. Twas valuable
– moved on to DEWR at about 5pm, just two of us by this stage. Did quite a bit of flowy stuff between areas, keeping my momentum going. some other stuff as well, did that for about 30 mins.
– James left, I headed to family court because security had left by then so I wouldn’t get booted. Did some large precisions, very large cat to precision, I was very proud of that one. Didn’t quite make it but I’m so close. Yeah did some good stuff, stretched out quickly before I headed home.

I’ll probably d some more stretching before bed if I remember. All in all very good session, feels good to be back on the streets!




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