Training Weekend

Well, Saturday I trained in Woden for the day. It was fairly good, mostly trying bigger stuff, which is good I suppose, but I find the smaller stuff more enjoyable. Got an arm jump I’ve been looking at for a while, wasn’t as big as I thought. Was all good! Did it a fair few times. It’s in the video.

Sunday: Trained in Civic at Natlibrary, that was better, met up at 11, did block run, I worked on going off bad foot in cat pass, that’s getting nice and smooth, and quite quickly also. I got a large precision, biggest I’ve done so far. I really need to work on the size of my precision though, it’s not that fantastic…Umm went up to the trees, I practiced my wall flips lots and lots and lots. I have tired abs now. Then went up further and I did a few backsaults.

We then walked accross to fisheries, finding loads of stuff on the way. found this fountain thing that was turned off, it had heaps of little water-spout like cylinders coming up with a flat top, they were all about 3 centimeters wide, we walked accross these, it was so fun, awsome ankle work and a great focus activity. because the tops were so small we had to concentrate hard on moving over them, I was getting really quick at it by the end and tried a few small precisions on to them. Mad fun. Definitely the best part of the weekend.

Pretty sore now because I forgot to stretch. I will probably do it tonight.

Anyway, the video is just a quick edit of some footage I had, the stuff at toast is a little old but ah well. Comments and crits on technique is would be very much apperciated.


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