Well class today wasn’t too bad, Harley from Melbourne is up. He has a great knowledge base, I’ll be interested to talk more to him.
No body was there until about 2.10 except me, so I began the warm up at 2 o’clock sharp. I’m sick to death of having to make people wait, people who have turned up early, which we have asked them to do, and then have to wait to sign in anyway. It’s ridiculous, but ah well. I’ll talk to the guys.

I’ve had a lot of thoughts floating around my head and a change in attitude regarding quite a few things. They haven’t all really collaborated into one big idea yet, we’ll see.

I’m a little down about my training, I really don’t train hard enough or often enough. I make all these excuses like “oh but I can’t get there” blah blah blah, and they’re all true, it’s difficult to get to trainings across town that start at 5.30 and go until 10 – 11 o’clock, my parents aren’t too fond of me being out in Civic that late either. But if I really wanted to get there I could. And I should. That extra drive just isn’t there.
I need to condition more, I need to drill more, I just need more. I think it is probably because I’m injured now, when I can’t train I always get a little depressed, but I still think I need to push harder. I’m too soft. I shouldn’t have gotten injured in the first place.

All this time I wanted some serious training in Canberra to take place so that I could actually train with others in a serious manner, FNC came along which brings that, but I don’t go. I can’t get home very easily, plus it’s the only night I can spend with Emily, who I only get to see once or twice a week already, which is torture and tough for both of us, especially after the first 6 months together we saw each other every day, and now the last 6 months we hardly see each other at all. So I really shouldn’t just go training instead. But perhaps I could do the FNC routine on my own, that’s a good possibility. I’ve been thinking about that, but these thoughts always arrive when I’m injured and can’t do anything. And once I’m healed up, I lose them.
Well I’m just whinging again, life’s tough, I’m injured, I’m tired, I’ve got this excuse and I can’t because of that blah blah blah.

Anyway, I’ve only had about 10 hours sleep and 15 hours work for the whole weekend, so I should probably go to bed.

On a lighter note, I’m training in Sydney next Saturday and Sunday crashing at BoD’s. Hopefully my back will be better and I’ll be able to train, regardless I learn a lot just from observing and talking to the Sydney guys.


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