Syd Trip

Last weekend was training in Sydney on Saturday and Sunday –

Met with BoD and Olle at town hall at about 11 (drove up that morning)
We headed off to darling harbour and started training.
Robbie met up with us at the car park after about half an hour or so.
At car park I did a bit on CP to Precision on rails, that was fun, also did some nice flowy sorta stuff moving over and through the rails, just from on side to the other.
Rhys then met us there and we training some more.
Yeah, kept training, it was good, I made some solid ground.

Went back to BoD and Olle’s at about 7.30 I think, Can’t remember. Yeah we played around with the CPK and SydPk site.

Next morning, up by 7.20, out and training by 9 in his suburb. There wasn’t much though so we went into the city pretty quickly, trained for a while at Circular Quay, it was SO good. Loved that spot, so many rails, so much awesomeness. There were heaps of us training, including Nippon from Melbourne and some backpacker from England! That was cool, it was like a very-mini-internatjam xD Anyway yeah, did heaps of stuff there, my back played up a bit so I had to slow down and stop at one point.
We headed over to Pyrmont for class. It wasn’t too bad…There were a few pointless things run by an unnamed instructor…But apart from that it was alright.
I played around in Epic/top Tree for a while, that was good, Sino and Michael were training more on their own than with the class so I stuck with them for a bit around the tree.

Went down to conditioning, I was tired and sore and my back was hurting so I didn’t do the conditioning. Static Holds, Warmed down, Stretched, then Nippon gave a review of the class.

We walked up to star city and had some dinner, I said my goodbyes and headed off to the station. Met Emily and her Uncle in Parramatta and yeah! That was that!

Watched ems soft ball games for the next two days, her team won two and lost two, but I enjoyed watching it, getting to understand it a bit more. It was good!

Over all it was a fantastic trip, I always learn a shit load when I train with others, especially in Sydney. I came back with a less uptight view on all this political and interweb shit. It’s so pointless. Ahh well, who gives a fuck.


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