Did about an hours worth of training jsut then, was just in the mood so I went up to my local school. It reminded me of how much I love this movement, and how irrelevant everything else is.

So I worked on moving with rails for a while, over under, around, etc. Did a few rail sdc-precisions.

Went to do some wallflips but wasn’t up for it, too tired, didn’t want to get hurt. So I moved on to my mortal enemy, a small SDC-Precision on two walls, but you have to run uphill, and the wall is relatively high, it’s very difficult to get the correct height and distance out of it, still haven’t made it.

Moved down to the main area and practiced little bits of movement, I was practicing those bar spin things, where you sit on, to a 360 spin, then come off the same side you got on. I finally got them, really well on one side, and almost on the other side. That as fun. I started practicing some other bits of movement like that, twas fun.

Walked home. Here I am.

It was fun, I enjoyed it even if it was only a small bit. I hadn’t trained at that spot for ages.

Will update the melbourne trip once I do the video.


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