I met Evan in Civic today to do some ‘training’ with him…But it turned into me training and him doing some jumps 😛 Ah well, he’ll get there, so we trained for a while, went and watched his girlfriends netball, then went and saw the Dark Knight. But after that, on the way home, we bussed into belconnen and headed to the carpark to wait for our bus.

Start playing on a trolley bay. It was the purist movement experience I’ve had, it felt amazing. Just moving, and it all clicked. Why I train, my understanding of myself and my training sky rocketed. I was moving between the rails, slowly, very slowly, just moving, ducking, hardly ever jumping, but just sliding over, through, around. I was moving slowly, but…it was so strange, I couldn’t really see anything but the rails and myself, everything beyond that was just a blur.
From that experience I realised, what I train, isn’t Parkour. It isn’t freerunning, anything like that, it’s just movement, just training to move. The frenchies call it L’art du Deplacement, I just call it moving, but that isn’t important.
I realised why I train, and why I push myself when I’m out alone, cold, in the wet etc.
There is no point writing it here, it’s a purely personal meaning, and one that all traceurs need to find on their own.

I train movement, and one day, if it calls for it, that training will be useful for Parkour. But before then, I train nothing more.


One response to “Pure

  1. ChrisCPK

    Sounds like you had a flowgasm

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