Sydney Trip


Went to Sydney, trained lots, talked lots, was good.
For a full novel-esk write up read Cimps Blog.

Anyway, key stuff:
Got my concrete rolls much nicer and less painful. In fact, painless almost consistently.
Did both wharf jumps which was epic.
Bought 16 cones and got free coffee.
Made friends with one Drunk guy, and enemies with one Stoned and drunk guy.
Had fun talking to Sammy at Cold Rock, and talking to everyone at everywhere.

Also, fight training this morning, worked on block->Counter then worked on Block->sweep. I have lotsa bruises and it feels good. I really look forward to it next week, enjoyed it immensely.

Oh and last night went on set to a movie trailer thing and met up with two Syd. freerunners and some cool stunties and stunt coordinators. That was cool, but it was freakin freezing so I didn’t stay long.


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