Woden solo training


Went to Woden and trained for 2 hours.

Started out at library working with the rails, under bars, did some arm jumps off them, practiced my level arm jumps for a while there. I Almost had the Library wall run to Balcony, so darn close I’m certain I can make it if I push hard enough.

Moved down to the arm Jump area, did the massive weird wall run there which was cool, then did the arm jump a few times. I had a really interesting time there and made a really big mental break through using the ‘fight or flight’ method. One of the first times it’s really worked for me, and it worked REALLY well.

Went to the next spot and tried the cat to arm with no luck, It’s small, but I just can’t commit. Oh well, all with time. Practiced my climb ups a lot here, spent a good 20 minutes on my climb ups, trying different techniques, seeing faster, easier ways etc. I want to do some more strength work for my upper body to get my climb ups quicker and cleaner.

From there I went and did some soft conditioning. This comprised of:
– 3 sets of 10 reverse pushups (done slowly)
– 6 laps of quadrupedal pushup things of about a 7 meter distance.
– 3 sets of 5 pistols each leg.
– 3 sets of 10 pushouts + 1 last set of 20 at the end.

Afterwards I went and stretched out, spent about half an hour on that. Was good.

It was a real mental progression today as well as physical. I mean last night I was drinking, and didn’t get to sleep until about 2am, so I was pretty darn tired. I was solo so I had to keep pushing myself, and it was pretty tiring work.
Like, the conditioning was pretty light, but after all the climbups I did it was tough.

I’m happy, got a few big things that I hadn’t before, I was really confident with myself and my skills/technique today.


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