Epic training weekend

Ok so Sammy and Antek stayed at my place this weekend, we got some great training done.

Picked them up at around 8pm from the Bus station, Had dinner around 8.30, then we went training 😀 Trainined at my local spot, I finally got the cat to precision that I’d been looking at for months! I only got it one foot though, but still a good progression for me! We trained until around 11pm until security came around and we left. Then did some relaxed training for handstands until about midnight, they are much better at them than I, so they did some tucked planches and actual handstands, I worked on the strength for them by doing some ‘cheat’ tuck plances, working up to holding it for 60 secs. Anyway all in all it was a good nights worth of training.

Next morning got up around half eight. Mum and Dad had cooked us some epic breakfast of local bacon and home-laid, fresh eggs with some fresh Italian bread. It was awesome. Caught the bus into woden which for Antek, was horrible, as he gets bus sick! Should had thought about that before hand…Trained pretty well, a lot of it was watching the guys though 😛 They’ve just got such a great level of technical application. It’s inspiring. But yes, I finally got woden library wall run, I was the only one to get it which made me feel good in one way, but it would have been better if everyone had got it! Also got the Sdc->Sdb at the library, I was very happy with getting that. 😀
Trained there until about 1.30, grabbed some lunch then heded into belconnen around 2.30 to train at John Knight Park. My friends (who were having a birthday party there) kept bugging me to come so we all went. Got some good stuff done there, lots of rock precisions and other rock stuff. I hyperextended my ankle in a precision (landed too far on my toes, thus bending my ankle to far, I believe this is hyperextension, may be hyperflexsion though…). I had to take it a little slower, but it wasn’t too bad. Well we trained until I can’t remember, just before it got dark, grabbed some food, headed home then watched fight club…Awesome movie…
I slept like a baby that night.

We all woke up at like 9.50, which was partially bad considering we were meeting in civic at 10…Anyway we got up, Dad had squeezed some fresh orange juice so we had that and a bowel of cereal. Got into civic some time around 11ish, we were all pretty tired and exhausted, I did a few little things and trained consistently for a small while, but at a slow pace and doing slower things. Then stopped for a while and wactched the boys tackle a large arm jump.
I had to go to a Fathers Day BBQ at 1pm, so I said my goodbyes until next time, and headed off.

Got home tonight, stretched for about 1.5 hours, it was good, then worked on my handstand strength a bit more, I hit 60 seconds in the cheat tucked planche! I’m going to keep doing them until I can hold 60 seconds easy, then move onto real tucked planches. I was so stoked that I got it on my second night of trying, I guess it means some of the base strength is already established.

Well I learnt a fair bit over the weekend, saw some new stuff that I hadn’t seen done, it was reallly good to train with guys with a far greater skill level than myself, it really helps. But it wont hold me back not having them here all the time. I’ve gained quite a few goals from them being here and have progressed quite a bit.
Really happy with it all, can’t wait to go back up to Sydney.


One response to “Epic training weekend

  1. Thanks for having us Elliot, it was a really great experience and I had HEAPS of fun. Great to see you doing handstand conditioning, you’ll have them in no time.

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