Weight Vest WooHOO!

Got my Weight vest on Wednesday, IT. IS. AWESOME.

Wore it to school today, took it off for most of school, but then went training afterwards, did a little with it on. But I really wanted to get my roundoff-backs down, which I did! They’re getting wayyyy better, I’m smashing them most times. But they get you so tired! So anyway, I walked around a bit with connor (who I was training with also) and wore it while walking, man it’s awesome to be able to condition while walking.


So anyway, finished up, went to work. Got home and did some light conditioning with it on:

4 sets of 20 squats
1 set of 20 Lunges (10 each leg) then 2 sets of 40 lunges (20 each leg)
100 calf raises

I also did little bounce/hop type things, just bouncing on my toes up and down.
Did 100 both feet, then 5 sets of 20 hopping.
This worked awesomly, it was basically just simulating 200 tiny landings and really worked by shins, arches, and knees (I could feel it working the small stabiliser muscles around the knee, especially the hopping ones).

So yeah, the weight vest is awesome, and a good investment. I can’t wait to do more training with it on the weekend. I might walk out to hall with it on (about 7kms) I would like to run there, but I don’t think I should be running with it on quite yet. I might give it a go and do some interval training, say, run 100 meters, walk 200 or so. I just want to build up to using the weight vest slowly and sensibly.


2 responses to “Weight Vest WooHOO!

  1. How much was it and where?

  2. traceurcamel

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