Hmmm, um well, I was bored so I decided to update this place.

Wednesday went training with Conan, we started off just doing some easy stuff, warm up and what have you, I was getting my concrete rolls perfect every time, no pain, but I was only doing them on one side. More work needs to be done. But my rolls are very different to how they are normally taught, But none the less they are painless so that is the way I will do them.
We did some tree work, was fun. I tried to do more dynamic training, linking movements, keeping on running and what have you. It’s a much better, funner way to train in my opinion.

We went up to the library and did some parkour sprints from the globe, then chose a path over the bridge, down the other side to the pedestrian crossing, then back again. This was VERY tiring, and we were both stuffed afterwards, both felt sick, and both dehydrated! So we called it quits for the day after that.

Even though we only trained for about an hour, I’m very happy with the progress I made, and I feel nice and confident with the way I can move and with the speed I am getting. But never enough! I crave more.


After we were really tired, I slowly drilled linking a catpass onto a ledge into an arm jump onto a hand rail/wall. On one, my foot slipped and I bashed my leg into the rail, it swelled up niceley, and has been very tight since. I’ve had trouble walking on it (which is annoying because I’ve had to work last night and tonight! On my feet the whole time of course!) and I can’t really bend it or it cramps severely. Once the swelling goes down I should have a nice bruise but it should be ok. It just means I can’t really train like normal at the moment 😦 I might do some upperbody benchwork tomorrow though and practice my handstands if that doesn’t hurt it too much. There’s always something I can train!


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