About Me

Well, Born October 20 1991, I live in Canberra, Australia, Currently in year 11.


Drama: I’ve directed my own production (Pig) and co-directed a musical (Jungle Fantasy), I’ve acted in 5 shows (Guards! Guards!, Romeo you idiot!, Men at Arms, Bang! Bang! You’re Dead!, and Mother Courage and Her Children).

Music: I listen to most things, I’m not into much rap or American hip-hop, or R&B but I do like Aussie Hip-Hop, my main genre is Acoustic rock/Aussie folk, guys like Xavier Rudd, The Beautiful Girls, Ben Harper, or the more commonly known Jack Johnson.  I used to play piano and still have a little bit with me, but now I play acoustic guitar. Love it.

Photography: I only recently started photog. but I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. I love sports shots with parkour, movement shots are great. You can check out some of my stuff at www.gloriathecamel.deviantart.com

Parkour: Of course the point of this website is to document my training, that’s training for parkour. Check out the page describing what it is if you aren’t sure. I’ve been training parkour for about 1.5 years (started september 06). I’m pretty serious with it and everything I do is for the sport, or at least, I always think if it will benefit or hinder the sport. It’s my passion and love! If you’re ever in Canberra, just contact me here and we could set up some training.

Diet/Nutrition: One of my loves is diet and nutrition, specifically sports nutrition, I’ve been getting healthier and healthier and my knowledge is growing. Which is great! I want to study nutrition at a university level.

Adventure: I have an unquenched thirst for adventure, and certainly not easy ones at that. My idea of a fun adventure is one that pushes me to my limits, and beyond, one that builds spirit, and hardens the soul. I want to cycle to Melbourne (some 6 – 700 km’s away), I want to walk to Sydney (300kms), cycle around New Zealand, Kayak down the worlds rivers, climb the worlds mountains etc. etc. Being young still, the ability to do such things are a little out of reach FOR NOW! But it’s all getting closer each day. I will be living in Venezeula next year for 12 months which will be my first great adventure, I can’t wait! I don’t speak Spanish yet but I will deffinately learn quickly if I’m surrounded by it 24/7! I really want to go bungee jumping and sky diving, scuba diving would also be cool. Funny because I used to be scared of heights and snorkelling scared the shit out of me.

As well as nutrition I also want to study massage therapy and physiotherapy + human movement. Eventually I’d love to live in Melbourne. And I’d love to travel around Australia and go to Europe, train in Lisses in France, and train with traceurs all around the world. I’d love to meet David Belle. And yeah. pretty good life!


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