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this blog is old.


I’m kidding.


New Blog

All my blogging of not just my training, but everything, can now be found at a new site here




Hmmm, um well, I was bored so I decided to update this place.

Wednesday went training with Conan, we started off just doing some easy stuff, warm up and what have you, I was getting my concrete rolls perfect every time, no pain, but I was only doing them on one side. More work needs to be done. But my rolls are very different to how they are normally taught, But none the less they are painless so that is the way I will do them.
We did some tree work, was fun. I tried to do more dynamic training, linking movements, keeping on running and what have you. It’s a much better, funner way to train in my opinion.

We went up to the library and did some parkour sprints from the globe, then chose a path over the bridge, down the other side to the pedestrian crossing, then back again. This was VERY tiring, and we were both stuffed afterwards, both felt sick, and both dehydrated! So we called it quits for the day after that.

Even though we only trained for about an hour, I’m very happy with the progress I made, and I feel nice and confident with the way I can move and with the speed I am getting. But never enough! I crave more.


After we were really tired, I slowly drilled linking a catpass onto a ledge into an arm jump onto a hand rail/wall. On one, my foot slipped and I bashed my leg into the rail, it swelled up niceley, and has been very tight since. I’ve had trouble walking on it (which is annoying because I’ve had to work last night and tonight! On my feet the whole time of course!) and I can’t really bend it or it cramps severely. Once the swelling goes down I should have a nice bruise but it should be ok. It just means I can’t really train like normal at the moment 😦 I might do some upperbody benchwork tomorrow though and practice my handstands if that doesn’t hurt it too much. There’s always something I can train!

Recent events and training

Well lots has happened in recent times, the biggest of course being the National Gathering.

I wont ramble on for long about it. But pretty much what was meant to be a weekend of training turned into a whole week starting Sunday 28th to Sunday the 5th. It was well good and had a huge turn out, around 100 I’d say.

Learnt a lot, had a lot of good conversations, got a lot of good training in, got my goals a bit clearer and I learnt to understand my training a lot better.
But by far the best thing was just meeting up and seeing other people, Jake especially. Here’s a guy I’ve talked to for ages on MSN, a guy that’s taught me so much and acted as a mentor type figure over the net, and finally I got to meet him. I’d love to spend more time with him where we have opportunities to sit down and talk. The few times that we did were good and constructive.
Also got to have good long chats with Sam from Melbourne about the APA, Parkour, the negativity, loads of different stuff, he arrived on the first Sunday so we spent a fair bit of time together talking.

Got to catch up and meet so many others as well, Kyle, JJ (from NZ), Chippa, Harley, Wizey, Nipon, BoD, Sammy, Antek, Rhys, Sino, and so many others, it was good to see all those guys again.

Nipon is awesome, so powerful, so strong, so fit, he just moves really well, it’s quite inspiring, he also helped me out in setting some new goals (although I don’t think he knows it!). He moves a lot like Wiseno actually.

Anyway, first scheduled thing was the Instructor day, Harley and ChipChop ran most of it, very interesting day, we had a lot of good talks about why we train Parkour and why we want to teach. It made me realise that I really don’t like teaching that much and don’t really agree with it, this is what I thought originally when the APA started up, but despite that this goes beyond what any single person likes or dislikes, and I’m honoured to be apart of it and to spread the correct and safe teaching of Parkour. I wouldn’t give up teaching just because I dislike it, it’s beyond me, way beyond me.

On the Friday we trained around Civic, it was pretty cool because we started out training at toast, about 15 – 20 of us, people started to rock up and just found there way to toast and by about 5 o’clock there were about 100 people there! I’d never seen toast so packed! It was an awesome thing to see. Anyway we had the AGM that night, that was interesting, it was funny listening to Jerds trying to justify his actions and collaborations with EZ, it really re-enforced the kind of person he is, and it highlighted the things that I’d heard about him. I had to turn away because I couldn’t stop smirking and quietly laughing to myself…Whoops!
Anyway, I have a few other things I’d like to say about that, but it probably isn’t for the public domain.

Saturday came around, it was good! It felt amazing to stand up in front of all my fellow traceurs and organise them, it was really intimidating and daunting (which was unexpected) and I sounded like a twat, but it was a great experience and opportunity. We trained at all the different spots, it was good to see people seeing things that I haven’t seen before. Family court is by far the most popular area, even more than Toast, and I never really fully appreciated it’s potential until this weekend.

Well we all met up and had lunch then headed off to train at our different locations, I took a group to Woden. That. Was. Epic.
Such good training there! Not very consistent, in fact not much at all (by this point a previous injury had inflamed and it hurt to do anything, sprained or pulled abdomen, you realise how much your abs work when you can’t use them). Me and Wizey pumped each other up to do the big silver statue arm jump, it’s so darn huge, and high up. A big mental breakthrough for both of us. 11.5 feet in distance it is, the biggest thing I’ve done so far. It felt amazing. And it was cool that two guys that had never met before prior to the weekend, could work together and trust each other so much to make this pact to get the arm jump together, I made a good friend for sure. Anyway after I did that I slowed right down so that I didn’t damage myself any further.

We had night training at CIT and castle that night, that was fun. It pissed down and we played in the rain as the Sydney guys ran off. Pussys. ;P
I felt bad though because I couldn’t train much at CIT, and I didn’t want it to seem like I was just being lazy. But I did what I could without hurting my ab and mainly worked on my landings, and helped out Jake and a couple of others with their landings. Mine are really terrible, I must work on them.

Sunday came around, again didn’t do much so that I wouldn’t injure my ab more. Did a fair bit of filming though, again felt lazy. I felt bad in front of Rhys at the time because he came down and stayed with me Saturday night, and it must have looked like I hardly trained to him! But in the end I shouldn’t give a shit what he thinks and he probably didn’t take notice! People (myself included) just look up to him because of his level of skill and knowledge I suppose. But it’s OK, because that night he mentioned something to me and Chris which backed up that he thought well of us, it shouldn’t have affected me as much as it did, but props from him really means a lot. Man I shouldn’t care what others think regardless of their skill level, it’s so irrelevant to my training. Anyway, it’s an area to improve I suppose.

Anyway, that night a Me, Wizey, Rhys, BoD, Antek and Robbie all went back with Chris to his place to have a bit of an after party. Me and Wizey got well parched, same with BoD. Wizey worse than all of us though 😛 It was fun though, and Wizey was hilarious, and thank god this time it happened at the END of the training, unlike the last two gatherings.

Well, in the morning we said our goodbyes, agreed to meet up again before I leave for over seas, and that was that. Me and BoD headed back home. He left that night around 6ish, we just bummed around my place before hand as I felt like shit so didn’t want/couldn’t go training.

That was NatSoc!!!!


Pretty quickly into NatSoc I decided that after it all I would dial down my size training (as in, I’d stop just trying to get bigger and better things) and really concentrate on minor, basic technique and strength/conditioning. I need to get my landings better, my rolls need a lot of work, as do my turn vaults. I must train my muscle ups more, I’m too weak at the moment. Must train more. I plan on getting a weight vest to train with over seas. When I am over seas I want to condition for most of the year and come back strong.




Anyway NatSoc aside, yesterday me, Robin and Daniel decided to go camping at the Cotter, me and Robin rode our bikes, and I carried my pack with clothes, tent, everything I needed pretty much. It added about 13kg’s to my weight. So we set off, took us about an hour to ride the 26 or so kilometers, very hilly, majority down hill on the way there. It was good fun. So we met Daniel there (Who brought the food and Robins stuff in his car) and we set up camp. We set off into the bush were we bush-bashed for a while, exploring and such, then we went swimming among the rapids, that was fun. We headed back, had a protein-hearty dinner of Beef sausages, Bacon and eggs. That made me feel like shit but oh well.
The night wasn’t that fun, I slept on the ground in the tent with my sleeping bag and make shift pillow out of my clothes. It was fucking cold. No insulation between you and the ground means you freeze your arse off. I shivered all night, had a headache from Robin snoring all night, and I’m pretty sure I was suffering from light Hypothermia. So I waited out the night awake for most of it until first light where I jumped up and had a 20 minute hot shower (which is annoying because the showers there only last 3.5 minutes, then you have to wait another 2 minutes before you can start them again). So that was a good lesson learnt, I’m glad with it looking back on it. So I’ve felt like shit all day because of it, and of course me and robin had to ride back, that was really tough, especially in my physical and mental state at the time. It’s mostly uphill on the way back, and the ride starts with a continuous 10km’s of uphill, it really made me push myself and tested my limits. It was hot, my neck hurt from my pillow, I felt like shit from dehydration, I had no sleep, my back hurt from my pack, but I pushed on anyway, and I’m proud of that. I only stopped twice before we got back to Robins place. I was slow, and Robin stopped a few times to let me catch up, but I didn’t stop with him, I just rode past and kept going. There were a few moments I thought I’d throw up, but as long as I kept pushing, and not giving in, it stayed down.

All in all, I’m proud of what I did, kept pushing in bad circumstances, couldn’t think straight, my quads felt like exploding. But got there in the end. I pretty much walked from Robins to my house, walked all the up hills anyway, They were just finished.


As I said to mike today;

I’m strong, I’m fast, I’m fit, but I’m not strong ENOUGH, not fast ENOUGH and not fit ENOUGH.

I must keep pushing. My body is still too weak

Sydney Trip


Went to Sydney, trained lots, talked lots, was good.
For a full novel-esk write up read Cimps Blog.

Anyway, key stuff:
Got my concrete rolls much nicer and less painful. In fact, painless almost consistently.
Did both wharf jumps which was epic.
Bought 16 cones and got free coffee.
Made friends with one Drunk guy, and enemies with one Stoned and drunk guy.
Had fun talking to Sammy at Cold Rock, and talking to everyone at everywhere.

Also, fight training this morning, worked on block->Counter then worked on Block->sweep. I have lotsa bruises and it feels good. I really look forward to it next week, enjoyed it immensely.

Oh and last night went on set to a movie trailer thing and met up with two Syd. freerunners and some cool stunties and stunt coordinators. That was cool, but it was freakin freezing so I didn’t stay long.


I met Evan in Civic today to do some ‘training’ with him…But it turned into me training and him doing some jumps 😛 Ah well, he’ll get there, so we trained for a while, went and watched his girlfriends netball, then went and saw the Dark Knight. But after that, on the way home, we bussed into belconnen and headed to the carpark to wait for our bus.

Start playing on a trolley bay. It was the purist movement experience I’ve had, it felt amazing. Just moving, and it all clicked. Why I train, my understanding of myself and my training sky rocketed. I was moving between the rails, slowly, very slowly, just moving, ducking, hardly ever jumping, but just sliding over, through, around. I was moving slowly, but…it was so strange, I couldn’t really see anything but the rails and myself, everything beyond that was just a blur.
From that experience I realised, what I train, isn’t Parkour. It isn’t freerunning, anything like that, it’s just movement, just training to move. The frenchies call it L’art du Deplacement, I just call it moving, but that isn’t important.
I realised why I train, and why I push myself when I’m out alone, cold, in the wet etc.
There is no point writing it here, it’s a purely personal meaning, and one that all traceurs need to find on their own.

I train movement, and one day, if it calls for it, that training will be useful for Parkour. But before then, I train nothing more.


Did about an hours worth of training jsut then, was just in the mood so I went up to my local school. It reminded me of how much I love this movement, and how irrelevant everything else is.

So I worked on moving with rails for a while, over under, around, etc. Did a few rail sdc-precisions.

Went to do some wallflips but wasn’t up for it, too tired, didn’t want to get hurt. So I moved on to my mortal enemy, a small SDC-Precision on two walls, but you have to run uphill, and the wall is relatively high, it’s very difficult to get the correct height and distance out of it, still haven’t made it.

Moved down to the main area and practiced little bits of movement, I was practicing those bar spin things, where you sit on, to a 360 spin, then come off the same side you got on. I finally got them, really well on one side, and almost on the other side. That as fun. I started practicing some other bits of movement like that, twas fun.

Walked home. Here I am.

It was fun, I enjoyed it even if it was only a small bit. I hadn’t trained at that spot for ages.

Will update the melbourne trip once I do the video.