Woden solo training


Went to Woden and trained for 2 hours.

Started out at library working with the rails, under bars, did some arm jumps off them, practiced my level arm jumps for a while there. I Almost had the Library wall run to Balcony, so darn close I’m certain I can make it if I push hard enough.

Moved down to the arm Jump area, did the massive weird wall run there which was cool, then did the arm jump a few times. I had a really interesting time there and made a really big mental break through using the ‘fight or flight’ method. One of the first times it’s really worked for me, and it worked REALLY well.

Went to the next spot and tried the cat to arm with no luck, It’s small, but I just can’t commit. Oh well, all with time. Practiced my climb ups a lot here, spent a good 20 minutes on my climb ups, trying different techniques, seeing faster, easier ways etc. I want to do some more strength work for my upper body to get my climb ups quicker and cleaner.

From there I went and did some soft conditioning. This comprised of:
– 3 sets of 10 reverse pushups (done slowly)
– 6 laps of quadrupedal pushup things of about a 7 meter distance.
– 3 sets of 5 pistols each leg.
– 3 sets of 10 pushouts + 1 last set of 20 at the end.

Afterwards I went and stretched out, spent about half an hour on that. Was good.

It was a real mental progression today as well as physical. I mean last night I was drinking, and didn’t get to sleep until about 2am, so I was pretty darn tired. I was solo so I had to keep pushing myself, and it was pretty tiring work.
Like, the conditioning was pretty light, but after all the climbups I did it was tough.

I’m happy, got a few big things that I hadn’t before, I was really confident with myself and my skills/technique today.


Sydney Trip


Went to Sydney, trained lots, talked lots, was good.
For a full novel-esk write up read Cimps Blog.

Anyway, key stuff:
Got my concrete rolls much nicer and less painful. In fact, painless almost consistently.
Did both wharf jumps which was epic.
Bought 16 cones and got free coffee.
Made friends with one Drunk guy, and enemies with one Stoned and drunk guy.
Had fun talking to Sammy at Cold Rock, and talking to everyone at everywhere.

Also, fight training this morning, worked on block->Counter then worked on Block->sweep. I have lotsa bruises and it feels good. I really look forward to it next week, enjoyed it immensely.

Oh and last night went on set to a movie trailer thing and met up with two Syd. freerunners and some cool stunties and stunt coordinators. That was cool, but it was freakin freezing so I didn’t stay long.


I met Evan in Civic today to do some ‘training’ with him…But it turned into me training and him doing some jumps 😛 Ah well, he’ll get there, so we trained for a while, went and watched his girlfriends netball, then went and saw the Dark Knight. But after that, on the way home, we bussed into belconnen and headed to the carpark to wait for our bus.

Start playing on a trolley bay. It was the purist movement experience I’ve had, it felt amazing. Just moving, and it all clicked. Why I train, my understanding of myself and my training sky rocketed. I was moving between the rails, slowly, very slowly, just moving, ducking, hardly ever jumping, but just sliding over, through, around. I was moving slowly, but…it was so strange, I couldn’t really see anything but the rails and myself, everything beyond that was just a blur.
From that experience I realised, what I train, isn’t Parkour. It isn’t freerunning, anything like that, it’s just movement, just training to move. The frenchies call it L’art du Deplacement, I just call it moving, but that isn’t important.
I realised why I train, and why I push myself when I’m out alone, cold, in the wet etc.
There is no point writing it here, it’s a purely personal meaning, and one that all traceurs need to find on their own.

I train movement, and one day, if it calls for it, that training will be useful for Parkour. But before then, I train nothing more.


Did about an hours worth of training jsut then, was just in the mood so I went up to my local school. It reminded me of how much I love this movement, and how irrelevant everything else is.

So I worked on moving with rails for a while, over under, around, etc. Did a few rail sdc-precisions.

Went to do some wallflips but wasn’t up for it, too tired, didn’t want to get hurt. So I moved on to my mortal enemy, a small SDC-Precision on two walls, but you have to run uphill, and the wall is relatively high, it’s very difficult to get the correct height and distance out of it, still haven’t made it.

Moved down to the main area and practiced little bits of movement, I was practicing those bar spin things, where you sit on, to a 360 spin, then come off the same side you got on. I finally got them, really well on one side, and almost on the other side. That as fun. I started practicing some other bits of movement like that, twas fun.

Walked home. Here I am.

It was fun, I enjoyed it even if it was only a small bit. I hadn’t trained at that spot for ages.

Will update the melbourne trip once I do the video.

Stunt Job

Me and Chris got a Stunt Job in Melbourne.

We’re driving down on Sunday after class and staying at Chippas house.
Job is Monday – Wednesday, but I don’t know whether we’re working all three days, it might just be Monday.

It’s for a TV thing called Rush, I don’t know much except that I’m a gang member who crashes a party.

It’s decent pay but it might only end up covering the travel costs, even so, I’m happy with that! I’d be happy even if it didn’t cover travel costs, it’s going to be an AWESOME experience!

We’re also going to get some training done while we’re there probably with Harley.
It is guaranteed epicness. I’m going to make a video of it.

Weight training

Yesterday did: 3 or 4 sets of 10 lifts at 16kgs, no idea what type, made it up as I went along, it has a name but I don’t know what it is.
Description: Held bar hanging (i.e. arms straight, barbell at waist height), pulled to shoulder height (my hands now facing up) then pushed above head. Then reversed. Basically they were muscle ups with a barbell.

Tonight did:
3 X 10 @ 16kgs of the above – Will increase weight next time
1 X 10 @ 28kgs Deadlift
2 X 10 @ 38kgs Deadlift

Aim: Improve my posture by strengthening erector spinae, improve muscle ups, and strengthen erector spinae to help heal injury and prevent future injuries.

Syd Trip

Last weekend was training in Sydney on Saturday and Sunday –

Met with BoD and Olle at town hall at about 11 (drove up that morning)
We headed off to darling harbour and started training.
Robbie met up with us at the car park after about half an hour or so.
At car park I did a bit on CP to Precision on rails, that was fun, also did some nice flowy sorta stuff moving over and through the rails, just from on side to the other.
Rhys then met us there and we training some more.
Yeah, kept training, it was good, I made some solid ground.

Went back to BoD and Olle’s at about 7.30 I think, Can’t remember. Yeah we played around with the CPK and SydPk site.

Next morning, up by 7.20, out and training by 9 in his suburb. There wasn’t much though so we went into the city pretty quickly, trained for a while at Circular Quay, it was SO good. Loved that spot, so many rails, so much awesomeness. There were heaps of us training, including Nippon from Melbourne and some backpacker from England! That was cool, it was like a very-mini-internatjam xD Anyway yeah, did heaps of stuff there, my back played up a bit so I had to slow down and stop at one point.
We headed over to Pyrmont for class. It wasn’t too bad…There were a few pointless things run by an unnamed instructor…But apart from that it was alright.
I played around in Epic/top Tree for a while, that was good, Sino and Michael were training more on their own than with the class so I stuck with them for a bit around the tree.

Went down to conditioning, I was tired and sore and my back was hurting so I didn’t do the conditioning. Static Holds, Warmed down, Stretched, then Nippon gave a review of the class.

We walked up to star city and had some dinner, I said my goodbyes and headed off to the station. Met Emily and her Uncle in Parramatta and yeah! That was that!

Watched ems soft ball games for the next two days, her team won two and lost two, but I enjoyed watching it, getting to understand it a bit more. It was good!

Over all it was a fantastic trip, I always learn a shit load when I train with others, especially in Sydney. I came back with a less uptight view on all this political and interweb shit. It’s so pointless. Ahh well, who gives a fuck.