What is Parkour?

I often find myself stuttering over trying to describe Parkour to someone, there are many different variations over the Internet and it can often be really confusing. I’m going to write up my definition, not just for people to read, but so that I, myself, can understand it a little more.


Parkour is a physical discipline, a set of principles attached to way of movement. Through parkour one can improve their ability to overcome obstacles both mental and physical.

The key principles in Parkour are:

  • Seeking to improve and progress oneself through the practice of Parkour
  • Helping others through the practice of the skills learnt through Parkour and;
  • To be useful in any situation, be it through physically using the movements learnt in an escape or rescue situation or the mental mind set to guide or help someone in need.

“Most importantly, to use Parkour as a tool to find our own way in life. To discover what it is we truly wish to achieve, and to achieve it.” – Source below.
They are the mental principles one adopts, there are also the physical aspects of Parkour in which most people associate it with. One learns to be altruistic, helpful, and useful as often as possible. A certain frame of mind is attained for many which teaches these ideals and principles.

The following has been taken and summarised from www.parkourpedia.com.

The physical extensions of Parkour are: Moving in an efficient and effective way as to get from A to B such as in an escape or rescue situation, you must be able to get back from B to A, even if it is not with the same movements. This can be done by any manner of movements including running, crawling, jumping, climbing and other methods of catching yourself, grabbing hold of things, and hanging from things, rolling and balancing. This can be anywhere, be it an urban or natural environment.

It is not just the way you move that makes you a traceur (or practitioner of Parkour) but the movement combined with the philosophy that defines it as Parkour.

Just a few quotes seen often in the Parkour community:

Etre fort pour être utile” (Be strong to be useful.) – Georges Hebert

“First do it, then do it well, then do it well and fast.” – David Belle

“etre et durer” (to be and to last) – Georges Hebert

“Adapt, improvise and overcome”

“By endurance we conquer”

parkourpedia article written by ‘Chippa’.


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